Saturday, May 28, 2011

vintage find

Not so long ago I told you about second hand shops and how I never seem to be able to find anything there, while others walk away with great finds!
Well today I finally had some luck.
A little big ben clock from around 1960 and it still works!!! I really fell in love with it right away. When I look at it, I have to think about my father, this is something he would have loved.
The other find was a teapot, with cup. I was looking for one like this for a long time, but because everyone wants them these days, normally the prices are way to high. But now I got these both for 10 euro´s which is about 14 dollars! I think this was a pretty good deal and I am really happy! Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

Big Ben clock around 1960

my new old teapot

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  1. Very nice finds!! I have the same problem with second hand stores. I never find anything and they always seem overpriced. I still look though just in case I stumble across a big find!