Saturday, May 28, 2011

vintage find

Not so long ago I told you about second hand shops and how I never seem to be able to find anything there, while others walk away with great finds!
Well today I finally had some luck.
A little big ben clock from around 1960 and it still works!!! I really fell in love with it right away. When I look at it, I have to think about my father, this is something he would have loved.
The other find was a teapot, with cup. I was looking for one like this for a long time, but because everyone wants them these days, normally the prices are way to high. But now I got these both for 10 euro´s which is about 14 dollars! I think this was a pretty good deal and I am really happy! Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

Big Ben clock around 1960

my new old teapot

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

charity donations!

The total of my charity donations this year: 90 dollar!! A pretty good result I think.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who bought a pattern this year, because of you I was able to help various animals, by making a donation with the funandfang profits. Today I made one last donation to ´de Mikke´ this is an animal shelter for birds, deers and other animals who live in the wild in the netherlands.

they also take care of my favourite animal, the bat!!!!

 My charity project has ended, for now....

As I told you before I am working on some new ideas. Basically this means that besides crochet patterns I am going to sell other things in my shop. The handmade things will contain, felt, embroidery, bats and cuteness. I am working hard to finish the products. Because I am expanding my shop this means, I have more supply costs. I simply can´t afford to give my pofits to charity. I hope these new ideas will be a  big succes and I will be able to give to charity again in the future.

Thanks again, to all of you! And I will keep you posted on my new products!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

redecorating my home....

I am working om some new ideas the last few weeks. I am really excited about this, but it will take some time to finish them. So no new patterns for a while. But to keep you all busy here, I will show you other projects I have been working on for myself!
A few weeks ago, we decided to redecorate our home. I figured it was time for some new cushions! This is the result!!!
This one was crosstiched by a pattern of grannyknits!!!
I had lots and lots of fabric scraps left, so I decided to use some of them!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is the card I made for my mom this year. It´s an origami cat. I am not too good with folding papers, but this one turned out real cute! Ofcourse I also made her a little present. I crosstitched a pincushion and attached it to a new embroidery scissors, she loved it!
I hope you all did something sweet for your mothers too, or you got something from your children. Either way, Happy Mothersday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Some days my head just seems to explode. I mean I have so many ideas, but nothing really works in real life.
In magazines and on the internet I see people who seem to have it all figuered out. They show us pictures of their clothes and homes, they blog about a part of their life or show us their creativity. And all the while I am thinking, I want it too. So all sorts of ideas form in my head, but none of them seem to be working for me.

I see the most amazing pictures of vintage homes. People who spend all of their time going to second hand shops and markets and come home with some great finds. So okay, I know what I like, so how hard can it be, right? But once I am at the market or shop, everything seems old and dusty to me... When i finally find something I like and have the guts to ask the seller who much it is, it turns out the thing is way overpriced, so I put it down, turn aroud and run like hell.

Fortunately for me, I have a friend, who loves these markets and she is sweet enough to share her finds with me...

Clothes are pretty much the same thing. I mean, in every magazine you see pictures with great outfits, where everything matches. But again I have some problems in this area:
- This is what my closet looks like, it´s just a mess and I can´t seem to find anything.
-I have three cats, so when I finally find some nice clothes and I think I look good, one of them feels like it is time to cuddle and I end up looking like some hairy monster.

my closet

Then there are those who blog every day about a subject they are interested in. So I thought, I love cats, they love me (I have prove on my clothes), let´s blog about them. Four weeks ago I got a cat from the shelter, who was pregnant, and now has 5 beautiful little kittens, so the perfect subject right?
Not, I had a little reality check.... Kittens are lots of work, especially when there mother is sick and you have to visit the vet every week. So you have to feed the kittens, clean up after them and make sure they are all there. (They really find the most crazy places to hide). So at the end of the day, I am happy they are all accounted for, their tummy´s are full, their room is clean and they are asleep...... I really don´t have the energy left to blog about them.

And what is left? Creativity. I like to think about myself as creative. And some of the things really work, like my crochet. But I want so much more, painting, drawing, sewing.... Everyday I start something new, but again I never really finish my ideas, because there are so many of them.

a little drawing....

That seems to be my problems, to many ideas.... Maybe I just need to focus on one thing, but how do you choose which one, when you have so many interests?