Monday, June 20, 2011

embroidery art

Finally I finished my embroidery art!!! I made three little hoops, one with a bat, a vampire and a skull. Besides this I included buttons, several different stitches, little scissor charms, felt, and yarn.

I think you have to be a little weird to create. That was what I was thinking about when I designed these pieces of embroidery art.

I hope you like them. They are for sale in my etsy shop!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

cats.... cats..... and more cats......

So I thought I would have some peace in het house by now. But I thought wrong.

This week the 5 kittens I got from the shelter are big enough to go to their new homes. It´s about time, ´cause they are getting to big. They turned into little monsters the last couple of days.....
Half an hour ago my phone rang. Someone from the shelter asked me, if I could take in 4 kittens who are now 5 weeks old. I just could´nt say no. So when those five little monsters leave, 4 new ones arrive.
Please please be a little patient with me.... The next couple of weeks, will be about kittens I fear. I hope I can squeeze in photographing my new products and designing a pattern, but I am just not sure when they will arrive....

one of my little monsters who is going to a new home tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Something I made myself! I took a picture of me and my husband, then I drew around our faces, making sure I highlighted everything I wanted to show on the silhouette. After this I cut them out, traced them onto black paper, and cut again. I think the result is pretty good!
If you want to make them yourself, there is a great book in stores. It has all the information you need to make them plus black and decorated paper! I absolutely loved it!!!!
Silhouette Art: Papers, Instructions, and Patterns for Making Modern Heirlooms.

this is me

my lovely husband
do it yourself!