Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute cat bag

Finally I am able to blog again. Not a crochet pattern, but a tutorial on how to appliqué a bag!

This is what you need:

-a bag (I used a cotton shopping bag by Cath Kidston)
-Template of the cat
-Felt in : bleu-gray, light gray, white, black
-Scrap of flower fabric
-Sewing thread in blue-grey, white and black
-Embroidery thread in blue-grey and black
-Pressing cloth (I always use a dishtowel)
-iron and ironing board

1.Place the bondaweb over the template, with a pencil trace the following parts:

-Outline of the cat
-4 paws
-The white of the eyes
-The inner ears

2. Cut the shapes roughly out of the bondaweb and place them onto the felt and fabric.
-Blue-grey:  Outline of cat and the two back paws.
-Black: nose and pupils
-Light grey: inner ears and two front paws
-White: white of the eyes
-Flower fabric: collar

3. Iron the pieces onto the felt and fabric. If you are ironing onto felt, make sure you use a pressing cloth!!!! 
press your iron onto the bondaweb or fabric, do not slide your iron, otherwise your pieces will move out of place.
4.Cut out all the pieces precisely following the lines on the bondaweb.
 5. Remove all of the backing papers of the bondaweb, EXCEPT for the one on the back of the outline of the cat.
6. Place the paws, and iron them onto the outline of the cat. Repeat this for all the pieces. With the eyes, first iron on the white and then the pupils.

7. Now you can take of the last pieces of the back of the bondaweb.
8. With little stitches secure the pieces to the outline of the cat.
9. Place the cat on the bag and iron it to the bag. (don't forget your pressing cloth)
10. Now secure the outline of the cat, with little stitches to your bag.
11. Embroider around the eyes. Then embroider toes, hairs on the tail, a mouth and some whiskers

12. Your done!!!!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!