Friday, August 26, 2011

steampunk part 2: TOFF 9

Hi there,

The Octopede Factory (one of my favourite shops on etsy) got this great friday challenge (TOFF)! It´s simple, every week she chooses a theme and you get to design something (a card, a box, or something else) around this theme. If you use a stamp from from her shop, you will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the month.
I really liked the idea and her designs, but never found the time to put something together. But this week, the theme was STEAMPUNK! Yeah! I just had to make something and this is it.

Every steampunk girl loves tea right?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Challenge!!!!!!

Some exciting news! My first challenge! And something to keep you busy in the last month of summer!

How does it work?
-Crochet one of my patterns. I have lots of free ones available, click here
-Take a picture of the result and upload it to your blog, website or flickr account. (Or whatever other web pages are out there)
-Post a link to your picture and your email adress below
-You have one month, enter before september 25th 
-1 entry per person
-I will pick a random winner

What to win?
2 patterns of your choice from my etsy shop

Good luck!!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So the last couple of weeks, I am exploring the world of steampunk! It all started with the novel Steamed by Katie Macallister!!

Two nights ago, I started to look at steampunk crochet patterns and I found this lacy wristers pattern by KrochetLove. I fell in love instantly. That night I finished the first one, I added some steampunk like buttons and here it is:

If you want to make this lacy wristers for yourself, visit the KrochetLove blog, thanks for sharing the pattern!

Then when visiting etsy I stumbled upon some great steampunk art! I purchased one of her digital stamps and started crafting right away:

For more of her amazing artwork visit the blog TheOctopedeFactory

So maybe my next amigurumi pattern will be something steamy too!