Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Humpty Dumpty egg cozy: NEW PATTERN!

Finally it´s finished, my new pattern!!!!!
I really wanted to make another pattern from alice in wonderland, but I could not decide. But with the beginning of the new year, new ideas came! So here he is:

Humpty Dumpty egg cozy

The patterns is now for sale in my etsy shop!

Monday, January 9, 2012

D.I.Y. project: Flower crate.

So no crochet project this time, but a D.I.Y project I made last week.

A flower crate!

The idea came, because I have a cat who loves to tip over vases. I love to place little jars with flowers in them on my table, but every morning I found them on the floor. I decided to make something, that was to heavy for him. I think the result looks really pretty.

What do you need?
*wooden crate
*fabric (not to heavy)
*wallpaper paste
*3 glass jars
*waterproof varnish
wallpaper paste, put it in a big enough bowl for you to be able to dip your hands in it.

Step 1.
Cut your fabric into small strips, (15x3 cm) cut also some smaller parts for the corners of your crate and a big piece for the bottom (messure the bottom on the inside of the crate)

isn´t this a lovely fabric? It is a left over and the shape was too weird to actually sew something from it.

Step 2.
Dip your fabric stips into the wallpaper paste. Get rid of the excess glue, buy squeezing it. Wrap the strips around the wood, making sure every bit is covered. Use little pieces for the corners. The large part of fabric goes on the bottom, make sure it´s completely smooth. You could use a brush for this.
Make sure that you cover the corners first.

now leave your crate to dry.

Step3. Leave the crate to dry, with me it took about 36 hours.

Step 4. If you like, apply waterproof varnish. Now you can even place the crate outside!

Step 5. Fill the jars with water and place them in the crate, now put some lovely flowers in there and your done!