Wednesday, May 18, 2011

charity donations!

The total of my charity donations this year: 90 dollar!! A pretty good result I think.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who bought a pattern this year, because of you I was able to help various animals, by making a donation with the funandfang profits. Today I made one last donation to ´de Mikke´ this is an animal shelter for birds, deers and other animals who live in the wild in the netherlands.

they also take care of my favourite animal, the bat!!!!

 My charity project has ended, for now....

As I told you before I am working on some new ideas. Basically this means that besides crochet patterns I am going to sell other things in my shop. The handmade things will contain, felt, embroidery, bats and cuteness. I am working hard to finish the products. Because I am expanding my shop this means, I have more supply costs. I simply can´t afford to give my pofits to charity. I hope these new ideas will be a  big succes and I will be able to give to charity again in the future.

Thanks again, to all of you! And I will keep you posted on my new products!

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