Thursday, May 12, 2011

redecorating my home....

I am working om some new ideas the last few weeks. I am really excited about this, but it will take some time to finish them. So no new patterns for a while. But to keep you all busy here, I will show you other projects I have been working on for myself!
A few weeks ago, we decided to redecorate our home. I figured it was time for some new cushions! This is the result!!!
This one was crosstiched by a pattern of grannyknits!!!
I had lots and lots of fabric scraps left, so I decided to use some of them!


  1. I love the new cushions but even more so you found a great use for your "left overs" - I'm always looking for ways to use material from previous projects.


  2. Those cushions are really beautiful! I love the pattern, the fabric, and especially the x-stitches decoration! So talented you are! I've never cross stitched before, and you inspired me so much! Adorable work!