Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Married with Zombies

Title: Married with Zombies
author: Jesse Petersen
Genre: Zombie, apocalyptic, Paranormal, Dystopian, Fantasy, Humor
Published in 2010
Read for: TBR-pile 2014 and the Dystopian 2014 challenges

This was a fun little book to read. (It only had 241 pages.)
It was funny but it still had some emotional elements to it.And ofcourse like any other zombie book it was action packed.
 The first part of the book was hillarious I thought. They were still fighting and on the verge of divorce and in the same time they had to figure out everything about zombies and the apocalyps.

" I don't know what came over me as I looked down at our fat, piece of shit of a neighbour lying half in my toilet, the offending seat Dave had left for me still flipped up overhead I certainly didn't think about what I was going to do, I just did it. Dropping down, I started slamming the toilet down against his skull.
'Put.The.Toilet.Seat.Down.David!' I accentueted each word with a crushing bang of the seat."

Later on the book gets a bit more dark. They have to do lots of things, including slaying friends and family to survive. Also hope fades away especially with the government creating a dystopian by bombing every infested town there is, without looking for survivors. I thought adding this element made the book a lot more real and interesting and kept it from being just a funny book about zombies.

There were a lot of cliches in the book and there were no refreshing elements to the zombie apocalyps part.
But because the book was not that long and because of the fact that funny, emotional and action balanced each other, I really enjoyed reading it.

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