Friday, October 22, 2010

What´s going on.....

As you can see I have changed the layout of my blog and made a logo for funandfang.
What do you think??? Do you like it?? Please give me some feedback!!!

Besides this I am working on a new pattern (christmas is coming!!) and new tutorials.

If you are wondering about the little pregnant cat I told you about earlier...... she is still pregnant! (If you don´t know what the */% I am talking about: I have a little cat from the shelter in my home. When the kittens are old enough they will be given up for adoption.)
I will keep you posted on this too. (just because she is so cute!).

This is her, her name is Raafje, which means Raven in dutch.

So keep checking my blog and bring on the feedback!


  1. i think it's kind of cool to have your own logo.. i've been trying to figure mine for so long now.. thee hee hee.. and i think you rlogo is cute too.. job well done renske!