Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to decrease invisible?

Ever wondered how to decrease without leaving a knot or a gap?? I am going to try to explain it to you. Please let me know if you find this usefull, so I could do more how to´s... in the future.


1. Start by putting your crochethook through the Front loop of the first stitch, DO NOT pull the yarn through the loop, instead......


2...... Put your hook through the Front loop of the second stitch. This could take some practice, twist your hook to slide it through.


3. Now you have the two front loops on your hook and the loop that was already there, take up your yarn and pull through the two front loops at the same time.


4.Now you can finish your stitch as normal. You have now 2 loops on your hook, take up your yarn and pull through both of them. Now you are finished. You shouldn´t be able to see anything on the outside of your work.


This is a trick you need to practice a bit. In the beginning I couldn´t get the hang of it, but just hang in there, because the result is worth it.
Your work will look better and more professional.


  1. Fab tutorial, great explaination and pictures.

    I've recently taught myself how to do this and it was a total godsend! I found it easier to put the hook through the second front loop from the top first of all. This opened the stitch up nicely to make it easier to get the hook in through from the bottom. It does take a little while to master and I'm left wondering why I never did it before!

  2. Hey Jade, Same here, when I finally got the hang of it, I couldn´t understand why I never tried it before! Thanks for the tip!

  3. After I've gone through all the postings you have, I have to admit you are sooooooo creative. And I'm following your blogs. :)

    Have a happy halloween.



    P.S. Have you decided what costume for the Halloween? :)

  4. hey jaz,

    I am not wearing a costume this year. I am going with the a bracelet and some broches. I just couldn´t find the time to design anything.

    Thanks for your kind words!


  5. Whoa that's so spiffy! I'm totally going to try it the next decrease I do. Thank-you =D

    PS Your pictures are great! They help a lot!!