Friday, March 5, 2010

Free easter egg crochet pattern

Vampire Easter egg crochet pattern!!!! FOR FREE!
I just finished it, let me know what you think!

Work in continuous rounds.

sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
* - repeat between * and *

Use any colour you like!
R1: sc 6 in magic ring
R2: *sc, inc* repeat around (9)
R3: *sc 2, inc* repeat around (12)
R4: *sc 3, inc* repeat around (15)
R5: *sc 4, inc* repeat around (18)
R6: *sc 8, inc* repeat around (20)
R7: *sc 4, inc* repeat around (24)
R8: *sc5, inc* repeat around (28)
R9: *sc 13, inc* repeat around (30)
R10-13: sc 30
R 14: *sc 3, dec* repeat around (24)
R 15: *sc 2, dec* repeat around (18)
Attach safety eyes, embroider mouth and fangs with black.
R 16: *sc, dec* repeat around (12)
R 17: dec around (6)
Close hole, fasten off, stuff firmly
Sew ribbon to egg, make a little bow on top.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. I think it's absolutely darling!

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  3. Who knew vampires could be so cute! I'm with you, I can't stop making amigurumi. Maybe we've been bitten by a fangurumi!