Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mad Hatters Hat, FREE crochet pattern

Hi there,
As promised my new free pattern! I just finished reading Alice in Wonderland again and I had to start crocheting!

You could use it as a centerpiece for a Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party! Or maybe as a gift, but please note you should not give this to a child when you use pin needles!



-Black yarn
- crochet hook (i used size 2.0 mm)
-embroidery floss and needle
-piece of white felt
-pin needles (not when you use this for a child)

sc - single crochet
inc - increase
dec - decrease
* - repeat between * and *

work in continuous rounds

R1: sc 6 in magic ring
R2: inc around (12)
R3: *sc 1, inc* repeat around (18)
R4: *sc 2, inc* repeat around (24)
R5: *sc 3, inc* repeat around (30)
R6: *sc 4, inc* repeat around (36)
R7: *sc 5, inc* repeat around (42)
R8: in backloops only: *sc6, inc* repeat around (48)
R9-20: sc around (48)
R21: *sc 5, dec* repeat around (42)
R22: In frontloops only: sc around (42)
R23: inc, sc6, inc, sc 6, inc, sc 6, inc, inc, sc 5, inc, sc 5, inc, sc 6, inc (50)
R24: *sc, inc* around (75)
R25: sc 15, inc, sc 15, inc, sc 15, inc, sc 15, inc, sc 10, inc (80)
R26: sc around (80)
Fasten off
Tie a ribbon around the hat. Embroider 10/6 on a piece of felt, place this with pin needles between the ribbon.


  1. Sure IS cute!!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern! :D

  2. I love it!
    thanks for sharing!
    best wishes from Austria!

  3. SO cute! The link on the side for this is incorrect though. There's an extra at the beginning ;)

  4. I love it! I am linking to you on my Blog today about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, thank you for the pattern. :)

  5. Is this hat life sized for a person?

  6. i love the hat what sort of yarn did you make it with?

  7. I'm planning to make one for my daughter - she's taking a millinery class at Kent State this semester for her costume design major. :)