Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY project: Bats (with FREE template)

It's almost Halloween!!! So I decided to make some decorations. As you all know I looooooove bats ;). Today was a rainy day so the perfect day for some crafting :).

This is what you need:

-black yarn
-black cardboard paper
-pomp-pon maker (I used the clover 65 mm but ofcourse you could also do without, as long as your finished pompon will be about 6,5 cm)
-Template bats (scroll down)
-a nice hot cup of coffee (the most important part of this DIY project I thing :) )

I am sure you all know how to use your pom-pon maker, but just in case (I had a difficult time myself figuring it out) here is some help;

After you pompon is finished, you will need a template, so here it is:
just click on the picture and print!

Now use these instructions:

Now it is time to insert your pom-pon:

Together these bats make a great mobile, or hang them in front of your window, in a tree or at your door.
With a little note attached to them, they make great invitations.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!!!


  1. hahaha love your bats, sure I do some too

    Thanks ^^

  2. I Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little Bats!!!! Especially the one with the eyes! I can't wait to make some! I think, by changing the eyes a little bit, you would be able to give them each wonderful character. I also think I will make some for Valentines Day, (it's only the 6th of February after all), by making them in Reds, Pinks, Purple and Maroon, and little bitty red hearts on the pom-pom they would be so adorable as package or room decorations. I can't wait to get started! !!