Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little fairy .......

Recently I received pictures in the mail of the little fairy (my free little fairy pattern) made by Pat, a follower of funandfang
I instantly fell in love with them. I just love how this little fairy has turned out! She is going to sell some of them on a sci-fi convention! Great job Pat!

If you would like to try making this fairy yourself. You can download the free pattern now!
download now


  1. Sooooo lovely!!!I'll try it if I find a little bit of time and I'll let you know!!!Thank you!!!

  2. Hi!!!!I made the Little Fairy and I like her very much, and my daughter too!!
    please visit me and tell me what you think about her!! My link

  3. @stef,

    she looks sooo cute, great job, great blog too!