Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Update: charity

Hi everyone,

Besides crocheting I have another thing in my life that plays a big role. I am 100 procent vegetarian and I give my time to raise public awareness about animal cruelity around the world. Me and some friends made a dutch blog about the subject. And I volunteer at an animal shelter in the neighbourhood. Because of this I have decided that from january 1st of 2011 I will donate a minimum of 80 procent (maxium 20 procent will be used for paypal/etsy fees) of what I earn with funandfang to animal welfare organizations. When I have raised 20 dollars, I will make a donation to an organization of my choice. When I have done so I will tell you about it through my blog.
I have chosen not to mention this in my etsy shop, since the rules on etsy state you have to write a piece about which organization you will donate to and with me this will vary. I want to support various animal welfare organisations on different levels.
I am very excited about this and I will keep you all posted on the subject!

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